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Nathan Leon Rodriguez

Creative Writer & Novelist





Nathan Leon Rodriguez is a Sci-Fi and Horror author from New Jersey. As both a Latino, and a person of Transgender experience, his works include characters of vast diversity and weave themes of social justice into the fictional world.


Nathan graduated from Montclair State University in 2013 with a dual degree in English and Gender studies. Since then, he has participated with numerous panels and been featured as a keynote speaker spreading education and awareness on LGBT+ issues, especially Trans rights. He was awarded a partial fellowship for Martha's Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing's 2021 Queer Writer Fellowship.

The Soulmate Project, his first major novel, is available for sale now on Amazon and Blurb. His upcoming work With Hands Unclean is on track for publication in 2022. 

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Excerpt of the Month


       “I’m telling you the truth, Detective. I don’t know what the hell happened to me in the last four months. Call it possession, or a mental breakdown, or whatever. But I mean, I don’t have any information for you because I don’t remember a damn thing. I’m sorry. I wish I did.”

       “You pick some pretty bad times to lose your memory. I see you have a knack for that, don’t you? Case files on your brother’s murder say that you seemed to forget quite a bit of that too, isn’t that right? Even though you were the only one home when he was killed?”

       “You don’t know that. There was that man on the security footage—”

       “You mean the one that no one could identify? You know, there was never any definitive proof he was ever in your apartment; just the building.”

       Detective Zeller hadn’t just seen the case file on my brother, he’d studied it. If I hadn’t taken him seriously before, I definitely did now. I clenched my teeth so hard that I thought they’d crumble. My hands were shaking, so I placed them flat on the table to try to steady them. Detective Zeller knew what would get under my skin. He knew that I would find myself sinking into the hole that Gabriel’s death left behind making me malleable, vulnerable. He was trying to break me, and I was terrified that it would work, though I wasn’t sure what I even had to hide in the first place.




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